Spirit of overcoming

In SAG Manufacturing we work hard to offer the highest quality service.

The pharmaceutical industry is all about overcoming - helping patients overcome disease, not only by delivering high quality medicine, but often times by helping them to regain hope and quality of life.

In the same way, overcoming is essential to a team that runs a 100% costumer-oriented pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. We work hard every day to earn our clients’ trust through quality, flexibility, efficiency and profitability.

SAG Manufacturing belongs to the Galenicum group, a young and innovative pharmaceutical company which provides products and services to its clients in both the innovator and generic industries.

The SAG Manufacturing plant is a state-of-the-art multipurpose facility with the capability to manufacture all kinds of medicinal products for human use. Liquids, ointments, creams, pellets, powders, sprays, tablets and hard gelatine capsules can be packaged in blisters, bottles, sticks and tubes.

The plant has a separated area where high potency compounds in tablets and coated tablets are manufactured. The facility also has an isolated area and R&D machinery where dry blending, high-shear mixing, fluid bed drying, tableting and coating can be carried out as required.

Our Contract Manufacturing capabilities and vast experience make the SAG plant an ideal place for outsourcing. Free up production capacity in your own facilities so you can concentrate on value-added or core products.

We are strongly committed to quality in the development, manufacture, packaging, testing and supply of all our products.

Manufacturing High Quality Medicine. Manufacturing for Life.


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