Quality control in
our laboratories

Quality control disposition

Quality control handles part of the flow of the production process from the initial intake of materials to the finished product, ensuring compliance with quality specifications.

Quality control is also involved in the development and transfer of new products.

Facilities available for the Quality control laboratories include the Microbiological laboratory, the Analytical laboratory and Stability chambers.

Laboratories disposition
  • Testing of finished and bulk products.
  • Microbiological testing.
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Water testing.
  • Raw material sampling and testing.
  • Incoming packaging materials inspection.
  • Method validations and transfers.
  • Instrument calibration and qualification.
  • Stability management.
  • LIMS administration.
  • Compendia review.
  • Bioassay.

Quality unit / Microbiology laboratory

Microbiology laboratory
  • Microbial limit tests.
  • Microorganisms ID.
  • Bioassay.
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Water testing.
  • Disinfectants validation.

Quality unit / Analytical laboratory

Analytical laboratory
  • HPLC testing.
  • GC testing.
  • UV testing.
  • NIR ID tests.
  • Dissolution tests.
  • LIMS management.
  • Methods and specifications management.