Commitment for life

The commitment of the Galenicum Group, which owns SAG Manufacturing, S.L.U., to improving the health and life of people is a cornerstone of our beliefs, as individuals and as a company.

Our commitment is evident in our goal of creating a socially-responsible company and in our desire to work and invest in non-profit social welfare projects.

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Commitment - Galenicumvitae


The quick online health guide.

Commitment - Hospital without pain

Hospital without pain

A project created to minimize the pain associated with kids' hospital experiences.

Commitment - Ivory Coast Health Campaign

Ivory Coast Health Campaign

Galenicum is collaborating with ADESC to carry out two health projects in the Ivory Coast.

Commitment - University joins Industry

University Joins Industry

A workshop given in universities to help improve students' job opportunities in the Pharma industry.

Commitment - Amics de la gent gran

Amics de la gent gran

Galenicum helps the elderly in collaboration with "Amics de la gent gran".

Commitment - Galenicum Grant

Galenicum Grant

Galenicum Education & Employment Grant.