Solids, tablets and capsules

  • Cleanroom design areas.
  • ATEX manufacturing areas.
  • Wet granulation via high shear and planetary mixers.
  • Fluid bed drying and granulation.
  • Dry granulation via a roller compactor.
  • Mixing capacity from 20 to 5,000 litres.
  • Compression presses available for small and large batch sizes.
  • Conventional coaters covering different batch sizes.
  • High capacity continuous coating system capable of coating up to 500 kg per hour.
  • Hard gelatine encapsulation machine with 100% net weight control.
  • 4 packaging lines that can produce Alu-Alu & PVC/PVDC-Alu blisters. Vision system, cartooning, checkweighing, labelling, overwrapping, case packing and palletizing.

Hard gelatine encapsulation with 100% net weight control

Standard encapsulation machines can only verify the gross weight of a product (hard gelatine capsule + powder or pellets + soft gel or tablet), but they cannot guarantee the exact net weight of the content. Utilizing our newly developed machine, we can guarantee that the powder or pellet dosage in the capsule is exact. The benefit of such a machine is clear for a variety of reasons:

  1. A normal capsule filling machine controls the total weight (capsule + API + excipient). This means that the API is diluted with the excipient in order to minimise the risk of the final API not being dosed in the exact quantity. SAG Manufacturing uses the new encapsulation machine to control 100% of the net weight of the excipient (powder/pellets) that are introduced into the capsule so we can reduce the amount of the excipient in the capsule, thus reducing the size of the capsule.
  2. Moreover, we can assure that 100% of the dose of powder or pellets is introduced into the capsule, in order to avoid any chance of dosing errors.
  3. This technology allows SAG to manufacture multiple combinations of soft gels, tablets and pellets within a hard gelatine capsule.